Doug Eldridge

// Life

Doug Eldridge is a nationally-recognized agent, analyst, advisor, entrepreneur, and cable news commentator. He is a graduate of James Madison University (2000) and the George Mason University School of Law (2005).


Over the last 10 years, Doug founded the DLE Agency, established Achilles PR, and represented clients across 6 continents.

He resides in the DC region with his son, Alexander.

Doug Eldridge

// Work

In 2007, Doug created the DLE Sports Management Group. Over the last decade, the (renamed) DLE Agency has grown into a full-service Media, Marketing and Management firm, serving a global portfolio of Athletes, Personalities, and Brands.

In 2014, Doug formed Achilles PR, as a free-standing sister company to the DLE Agency. Achilles is an integrated public relations firm, specializing in media management, brand development, and crisis communications.

Doug Eldridge

// Updates

It seems crazy to think that we've already completed Q1 of 2022. While 2020 and 2021 somehow managed to pass both fast and slow at the same time, 2022 has been an unambiguous blur. Even still, it's produced some all-time memories, like taking my son fishing for the first time and watching Alexander write his first word: DADDA.

On the work front, the Achilles client portfolio continues to grow and diversify, while DLE has represented clients in 2 Olympics in 16 months, while navigating an obstacle course of COVID regulations across the NFL.


There's never a dull moment. 

// DE

Doug Eldridge

// Media

2022 is off to a hectic start from a media standpoint. I've had the opportunity to break down a variety of front page storylines, ranging from the Washington Football Team's rebranding campaign, to Marilyn Mosby's lingering PR problems, to Tom Brady's NFL retirement, to the controversy surrounding the Beijing Winter Olympics, to racial inequity across sports and culture, to the impact of CvD policies across small-town America.


We've also begun archiving a selection of cable news segments, which we're posting to the Doug Eldridge YouTube Channel


CLICK HERE to watch!  // DE