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Doug Eldridge

MAY 2017


As we round the corner into May, Hilary and I are getting closer to meeting our son, Alexander. To say this has been an 'amazingly humbling' experience, doesn't do justice to the nine-month pregnancy process. I realize it probably sounds cliche, but as a first-time father, I'm simply at a loss for words.


For whatever reason, the Good Lord deemed me worthy of my beautiful wife and a healthy, strong, little boy.


From me, to we, to three, the last year of my life has been truly amazing.  //DE

Doug Eldridge

APRIL 2017


This spring has provided no shortage of pressing national storylines and with it, significant time spent in-studio with a variety of national cable news outlets.

Over the last decade, I've built two companies and dozens of client portfolios around a strong, outward-facing public relations strategy. Regardless of time or repetitions, it's always a privilege and an honor to step in front of the camera and speak to a national viewing audience. 

From sports business, to policy, to public relations, to brand strategy, it's a busy time in my world--both on and off-camera!  //DE

Doug Eldridge

APRIL 2017


I was happy to join three of our Team USA clients in Hollywood for a couple days of NBC shoots, ahead of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Tucker West (luge) and Chris & Alexa Knierim (figure skating) were front and center for a packed 48-hour schedule.


I'm excited for the rest of the country to see these interviews and campaigns rolled out in the months ahead and I'm proud of the hard work our clients put in to become champions.  //DE

Doug Eldridge

MARCH 2017


The road back to fitness is a long, winding, and humbling one. I did two Ironmans in law school, 10 marathons in 2009 (to benefit wounded American soldiers), and have completed hundreds of triathlons, mountain bike, and off-road trail races over the years. Regardless, if you put clients, contracts, and deadlines over your own health, your race resume doesn't matter--you WILL get out of shape. 


With our son due June 1st, I made the decision to lose weight (7 lbs) and get back on track when it comes to a regular fitness regiment. I've signed up for a half dozen road races and a couple triathlons, starting with a Friday 5k (above) with Pacers. More to follow!   //DE

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