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Doug Eldridge



The day after an historic win for the New England Patriots, in SB LIII, I was in-studio with Lauren Ashburn, at EWTN News Nightly. It's always nice to talk about the intersection of faith & sport, especially when I get to share stories about some of my own clients. For all the headlines and box scores that garner fan attention, sometimes the most rewarding and inspiring acts by these athletes are those which occur far away from the crowds, the lights, and the fanfare.


Many thanks to the EWTN squad for having me back this afternoon. You know you're entering a family environment when their first questions are about your wife and son, whom they reference by name!  //DE




I spent two days in Atlanta for meetings and client work, ahead of SB LIII. For agents, marketers, and publicists (or people like me, who wear all three titles) the Super Bowl is really the one time of the year where all of the relevant decision makers and "needle movers" are all in the same place at the same time. Point? If you go in with a plan, you can get more work done in 48hrs than you can in 4-8mo of calls and emails. This year didn't disappoint and I think my clients will really be happy as a result.   //DE




It was great to see Tom Rodgers and the FOX Baltimore morning crew, prior to leaving for Atlanta. Tom and I discussed ad rates, Nielsen numbers, key match-ups and the business-side of the biggest day of the year for the $14B National Football League.


Always happy to see my friends at WBFF--hands down the most inviting news station I've ever worked with.


PS: I was right and wrong in terms of my SB LIII predictions--Pats win (right) in a high-scoring game (wrong). Still, net-net, I think I came out ahead.    //DE




I was happy to join Mr. Neil Cavuto on FOX News to break down the mounting frustrations and pending litigation among New Orleans Saints fans, following two blown, non-calls late in the 4th quarter of the NFC Championship Game. The Rams ultimately beat the Saints in overtime, as a result of what many called a game-deciding error by the referees. Saints fans filed suit in an attempt to compel Commissioner Goodell to intervene, pursuant to--a little-known and never-used--Rule 17, Sec. 2, Art. 1, which deals with "Extraordinarily Unfair Acts."


It's always an honor to join Cavuto and I appreciate the team at FOX for inviting me.   //DE

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