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Doug Eldridge



Our 10 day trip to the Rio Olympics was brutally packed and went by blindingly fast. As the sun sets on our trip--and we begin to gain the type of perspective that can only come with miles in the rear view--I am even more grateful for our time in Brazil. 

The Rio Games were an amazing experience across the board. The views were so amazing, they looked like CGI from Avatar. The food was delicious, the weather was flawless, and the people were somehow even warmer than the climate itself. Does Rio have its problems? Sure, but so does every other city. 

I am grateful for our success and thankful for the opportunity to represent those who represent our country on the world's largest sporting stage.


So that's a rap for the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Obrigado, Brazil.

Doug Eldridge



Not surpisingly, the last day in Rio was the busiest. We started on the set of the TODAY Show, where Dagmara Wozniak and the Women's Sabre Team took the stage to talk about their Bronze Medal victory. We had a few moments with Matt Lauer & Hoda Kotbe on-set, the latter of whom remembered taking a selfie with Daga at the 100 Days to Rio event, in NYC. They took one again in Rio, but this time with a medal!


From TODAY, we took an NBC shuttle out to NIKE, where we had a meeting and catered lunch with Daga and our other NIKE-sponsored athlete in Rio, Casey Eichfeld. 


We quickly jumped back in the transport and sped (to the extent you can go anywhere quickly in Rio) to the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) where Daga and the girls shot a live, primtime interview with NBC Sports. We grabbed a quick lunch with some media friends and then jumped back in the transport, grabbed our bags from the hotel, and headed to the airport for a 30 hour trip back to DC. //DE

Doug Eldridge



With 7 over-lapping competiition, media, and sponsor schedules lined up for each client, there was only one night that (nearly) everyone could meet up at the Team USA House on Ipanema Beach...but what a celebration it was! 


Earlier that evening, Dagmara Wozniak and the U.S. Women's Sabre Team won Bronze in the Team competition, following a dominant performance against Italy. Daga claimed 5-1, 5-2, 5-2 wins in leading the American women to a hard-fought medal!


While Daga (and Coach Bruce Gemmell) couldn't make it to the USA House that night, we all toasted her well-deserved victory! (L-R) Casey Eichfeld, Ashley Nee, Kelley Hurley, Howard Shu, Courtney Hurley. //DE

Doug Eldridge



After 28 hours and 3 flights, we arrived in Rio, around midnight on August 7th. Over the next 8 days, we'll have 7 clients competing across 5 sports and 4 venues, spread out over greater Rio de Janeiro. 

Throw in media appearances, sponsors events, and 2hrs travel time between each location, and Rio 2016 will mean long days, loud nights, and a packed itinerary for the DLE Agency. //DE

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