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Doug Eldridge

JULY 2018


It was a busy window in global sports business, including NBA Free Agency, start of the Tour de France, and the finals for both the World Cup and Wimbledon.


I was happy to join my friends at EWTN News Nightly, to discuss the intersection of faith, sport, policy, and public relations. With the 2014 World Cup drawing over 3 billion viewers--or roughly half the population on Earth--it's hard to overstate the reach or cultural significance of these large-scale sporting events.   //DE


JULY 2018


After spending nearly 3 weeks down south, running NFL client camps and a variety of projects, it was nice to get a couple days of downtime with my wife and son. In a 'Year of Firsts' it was nice to see our son, Alexander, enjoying the pool, the seafood, and experiencing the beach (and learning to deal with the sand) for the first time in his 13 months.


It's true what they say--you view the world differently, when seeing it through your child's eyes.

Nothing beats family.  //DE

Doug Eldridge
Doug Eldridge

JUNE 2018


On Saturday, June 30th, we wrapped the 2nd Annual Halapio 3-Point Football Foundation on behalf of NFL client, Jon Halapio, in his hometown of St. Petersburg, FL. The youth program--which was managed by the DLE Agency and Achilles PR--is run in partnership with the NFL Foundation and USA Football. 


This year, the attendance doubled and the enthusiasm was seemingly quadrupled. More than that, all were safe and Jon was happy.   //DE


JUNE 2018


On Saturday, June 23rd, we ran the 4th Annual AD47 Football Leadership Academy, with NFL client Akeem Davis. Held in his hometown of Laurel, MS, the 4th iteration of this program saw another year of 'sold out' slots (for the free program) along with strong media coverage and record corporate support. 


I'm so proud of how this program has grown over the last 4 years and I'm excited about it's bright future.  //DE


JUNE 2018


With mini camps and mandatory team activities coming to a close--and NFL Training Camps on the near horizon--we were proud to see our behind the scenes work hitting pages and screens across the country.


From USA Today, to the NY Post, to ESPN, and others, there's always a lot more work that goes on on the other side of the curtain than most would ever imagine or appreciate. Regardless, we continue to produce top-flight PR hits for our clients.   //DE

Doug Eldridge

JUNE 2018


I was happy to join Neil Cavuto on FOX Business, to discuss the latest chapter in the ongoing stand-off between President Trump and American sports teams: the Philadelphia Eagles were 'uninvited' from the ceremonial White House visit, following their recent Super Bowl win.


Stories differ--players claim they weren't planning to attend, while POTUS says it would've been a packed event--but sadly, the real losers are Eagles fans.


Each year, fans enjoy the pomp, circumstance, and spectacle of seeing their team visit the "People's House," hoist the trophy, and present the President with the custom team jersey. These high-profile stand-offs between POTUS and Pros are 'bad for business' across the board.   //DE


JUNE 2018


On May 29, 2017, our lives changed forever, as Alexander Loflin Eldridge came roaring into the world. Our hearts were full and our cups runneth over. Fast forward 12 months and on June 2nd, we celebrated Little Bull's 1st birthday, in Arlington. It was a near-perfect day, as he was surrounded by family, friends, and sheer love. 


Even now, a year later, I still don't have the words to describe my gratitude for our's equal parts happiness and humility. I'll never know why the Lord blessed me with a son, but I remain committed to making good on His faith in me. 


Happy Birthday, Alexander. We love you!   //DE


JUNE 2018


The NFL Off-season is a funny thing--the title would lead you to believe that players are on sunny beaches, with fruity drinks, and warm-weather getaways. In reality, the off-season really only means that they're not playing games. They are, however, going through organized team conditioning programs, OTA's, and veteran mini camps. (Fruity drinks optional.)


For Halapio, it was a chance to step up, stand out, and shine. After starting the final 6 games of the 2017 season at RG, Jon finished the off-season mini camps as starting OC. I'm proud of his hard work and excited for the season ahead.    //DE

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