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Doug Eldridge
Doug Eldridge
Doug Eldridge

Doug is a nationally recognized agent, analyst, and public relations advisor. 


He is a graduate of James Madison University (2000) with a double-major in International Business and Spanish. He is also a graduate of the George Mason University School of Law (2005).


In 2007, Doug formed the DLE Sports Management Group (nowDLE Agency), a full service media, marketing, and management firm, serving a global portfolio of athletes, personalities and brands. 

In 2014, he created Achilles PR, an integrated public relations firm, based out of Washington, DC, specializing in: media management, strategic marketing, brand development and crisis communications. 

As an outgrowth of his success with DLE and Achilles, Doug has become a popular on-air analyst for pressing front page issues in the sports, entertainment, legal, and public relations realm. He has appeared across a variety of cable news networks, including: ABC, Al Jazeera, BBC, CBS, CNN, CNN Money, EWTN, FOX Business, Fox News  MSNBC, and NBC, among others.

When Doug isn't in the office, on a plane, or in the studio, he is--and always has been--happiest at home with his family.


Ask anyone who knows or has ever met him and they'll be quick to tell you what's really at the center of Doug's everyday life: his toddler son, Alexander. 

"Being a Dad is the biggest responsibility and the greatest blessing I've ever received. From the days of holding him as a newborn, to carrying him on my shoulders on the beach as a toddler, to packing his lunch, doodling a note, and pulling his clothes every morning for preschool...being Alexander's 'Dadda' is unquestionably God's greatest gift."

Doug had a natural love of sports from the very beginning. "My parents fudged my age so I could start youth soccer a year early," he jokes. "I was never good enough to become an Olympian, but I always had a very clear picture of who and what I would've wanted my agent to represent--both literally and figuratively--had I ever achieved that level of talent."


Over the years, Doug's love of sports has extended (or perhaps it began with) his own love of competition. He is a two-time Ironman finisher and a 14-time marathon finisher. In 2009, he ran 10 marathons in 12 months to raise funds, awareness, and advocacy for wounded American soldiers.

Prior to law school, Doug ran 400m hurdles at James Madison University. (Before hanging up the spikes and picking up the books, as law school seemed more likely than the Olympics.) 

In 1996, he earned All-America honors in track & field, as the West Springfield DMR team placed 2nd at Nationals, recording (what was then) the 9th fastest time in U.S. history.

Outside of his faith, his family, his two companies, and his life-long love of sports, Doug is an avid reader, writer and speaker.

His father, Col. Gary W. Eldridge, is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. His mother, Donna Eldridge, retired after 30 years as an administrator and educator. She serves as President of the Gold Star Wives and is an Arlington Lady.

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