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Doug Eldridge
Doug Eldridge
Doug Eldridge
Doug Eldridge



I was happy to join my friends at EWTN News Nightly, to discuss the intersection of faith and sports. From Clayton Kershaw's foundation to Mookie Betts' random acts of kindness, there is no shortage of good deeds on display among today's modern professional athlete. I always enjoy the opportunity to sing the praises of these hard-working men and women--many of whom are inaccurately typecast or painted with a stereotypically broad brush. Thanks for having me, EWTN!  //DE




Last year, I got an afternoon knock at the door, on Halloween. I assumed it was just kids trick or treating--which draws huge numbers each year on Capitol Hill--but to my surprise, it was my wife and son. Alexander was dressed in a massive, orange pumpkin costume with matching hat. It was an amazing surprise and one of my favorite moments of the year.


This year, for his first 'real' Halloween, I surprised Hilary and got Alexander a "Max" costume from "Where The Wild Things Are." She teared up, he was all smiles, and all three of us enjoyed watching him wave and smile to each passing strange.  //DE




Each year, October 25th is. a special day for Hilary and I--we were first introduced on the sidelines of a Redskins game, on October 18, 2009. Six years and seven days later, I proposed to her on the same sideline where we had our very first conversation. It's hard to believe that we met nine years ago, or that we got engaged three years ago! In many ways (all of them good) each milestone seems much longer ago.  //DE




It was good to be back in-studio with Patrice, Tom and my friends at FOX 45. We previewed the World Series from a broader sports business standpoint, including: Nielsen markets, brand activations, as well as player marketing and brand development. As I've always said, there's a difference in the game of baseball, the sport of baseball, and the business of baseball. Thanks for having me, FOX!  //DE

DE JH Post Op Burgers NYC 9.18.18.JPG
DE FOX 45 Sept 2018 - NFL Kaep.JPG



If life is 'full of highs and lows' then the NFL is the consummate example of the euphoria and chaos that can fill the vacuum of a mere seven-day window. Last week, I was on the sidelines, cheering Halapio at the season opener; one week later, I'm watched him get rolled up at the line of scrimmage, on NBC's primetime SNF game, in Dallas. Seven hours later, I was in NYC and five hours after that, Jon was rolled back for surgery. The good news: the procedure was a success, he's begun the rehab program, and is on the road to recovery.


In that moment, this was a disheartening setback for Jon and his family, but we've certainly come to learn that setbacks are often set-ups for greater things to come!  //DE




Few places are more inviting than WBFF FOX 45. That said, it was great to see Tom, Patrice and my friends in Baltimore, as we broke down the third week of the NFL season, the implications of the Ravens first loss, and the layered complexity of NIKE's now infamous ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.


I'm so happy for the team at WBFF over the roll-out of their new studio. It looks even better in-person than it does on-screen, which is saying a lot!  //DE

DE JH Family NYG Sideline Pregame - Seas
DE FBN Cavuto Trump Anthem - Sports Agen



I was happy to be on the sidelines--literally and figuratively--for the NY Giants season opener, on Sept. 9th. Despite starting the final six games of the regular season, in 2017, this was the first time in Jon Halapio's career that he was a starter on Week 1. As much as I enjoyed seeing him cross yet another career milestone, the coolest part of the day was getting to see the excitement in his kids eyes and the adoration in Jon's, as he proudly hugged his family before kick-off. Hard work pays.  //DE




I was happy to be back in-studio with Cavuto Coast to Coast, on FOX Business, to break down the NFL's revised Anthem policy, as we head into the second week of Preseason games. With the Regular season just around the corner, the lingering feud between the Union and Ownership has seemed to worsen. I attribute much of the mounting difficulties surrounding the policy, to the loose language and subjective interpretation that I highlighted when this regulation was first announced, in May. Regardless of where you side on this issue, there doesn't appear to be an end--or at least an amicable one--in sight.  //DE

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