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Doug Eldridge



After the Giants game, we hustled back into the city and caught U.S. Figure Skating Champions Chris & Alexa Scimeca at a charity exhibition, in Manhattan. The Pairs National Champs performed an abbreviated version of their short program--to the delight of the audience--and then stayed on the ice to do a few laps, sign autographs, and take selfies with an excited group of children.

They were also kind enough to do a couple of laps with their agent, who performed some spectacular feats (read: falls) of his own. 

We're big fans of Chris & Alexa. They've been through a lot this year, but Alexa is healthy once again and has been re-gaining form & fitness with each passing week. The future is bright...  //DE

Doug Eldridge



As December drew to a close, we headed back up to NYC for a series of year-end client meetings and events. A personal highlight for me was getting to see my childhood team (the Detroit Lions) face off against DLE client, Jon Halapio and the New York Giants. Better yet, having my wife (and son) there to see it with me. 

It's not often that my personal and professional life have a 100% overlap, but that afternoon they certainly did. The only thing better would have been if Pop was there to enjoy a hot dog, a cold beer, and the beautiful irony of that 1300 kick-off.  //DE

Doug Eldridge



I turned 39 on December 3rd, and celebrated--the start of the last year in my 30s--with dinner and a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, with Hilary & Ma.


On Sunday, we drove up to Baltimore for the Ravens game. It's always a privilege to be down on the field and watch the players go through pre-game warm-up. On that particular day, Terrell Suggs and a group of Ravens made one little boys birthday dream come true by hugging, kissing, and posing for pics in the end zone.


There's always a side of the players and the game that the cameras never capture and the world never sees. It was a special moment on a wonderful day. Here's to 39!  //DE

Doug Eldridge



Thanksgiving marks the unofficial launch of the holiday season. It's also the beginning of a hectic work period leading up to the end of each calendar year. 


This year, we were on-site for a weekend full of Achilles PR client meetings & launch events, including the official lighting of the Christmas tree at CityCenterDC.  


It's not always easy to simultaneously manage two growing businesses (or the dozens of clients represented by each) but I'm an "incurable entrepreneur" and have always enjoyed building something from nothing. There is an inexplicable satisfaction that comes from such work.  //DE

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