Doug Eldridge
Doug Eldridge
Doug Eldridge

// Life

Doug Eldridge is a nationally-recognized agent, analyst, advisor, entrepreneur, and cable news commentator. He is a graduate of James Madison University (2000) and the George Mason University School of Law (2005).


Over the last 10 years, Doug founded the DLE Agency, established Achilles PR, and represented clients across 6 continents.

In May 2016, Doug married the love of his life, Hilary, and in May 2017, the happy couple welcomed their son, Alexander. 

// Work

In 2007, Doug created the DLE Sports Management Group. Over the last decade, the (renamed) DLE Agency has grown into a full-service Media, Marketing and Management firm, serving a global portfolio of Athletes, Personalities, and Brands.

In 2013, Doug formed Achilles PR, as a free-standing sister company to the DLE Agency. Achilles is an integrated public relations firm, specializing in media management, brand development, and crisis communications.

// Updates

Midway through 2020, it's safe to say it's been a year unlike any other.


From "15 days to flatten the curve," to work from home,  to postponements, to full-on cancellations across the global sports, entertainment, & media landscape--I've worked hard to service our clients--across the DLE Agency & Achilles PR. Despite all the late nights & working weekends, the best part of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the extra time with my wife & son. Hands down.  // DE

// Media

Like everything else in 2020, the media cycle has been utterly dominated by the unavoidable impact of the unforeseeable 'cultural asteroid' that is COVID-19.


That said, I've been fortunate to provide consistent context & analysis across a broad spectrum of global news networks & platforms--from public relations fiascos, to postponed Olympics, cancelled NCAA tournaments, & start-stop planning across the NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL. We began the year doing glossy in-studio work & by mid-March, it was 'shoot from home' (or the office) week after week.  // DE