Doug Eldridge
Doug Eldridge

// Life

Doug Eldridge is a nationally-recognized agent, analyst, advisor, entrepreneur, and cable news commentator. He is a graduate of James Madison University (2000) and the George Mason University School of Law (2005).


Over the last 10 years, Doug founded the DLE Agency, established Achilles PR, and represented clients across 6 continents.

In May 2016, Doug married the love of his life, Hilary, and in May 2017, the happy couple welcomed their son, Alexander. 

// Work

In 2007, Doug created the DLE Sports Management Group. Over the last decade, the (renamed) DLE Agency has grown into a full-service Media, Marketing and Management firm, serving a global portfolio of Athletes, Personalities, and Brands.

In 2014, Doug formed Achilles PR, as a free-standing sister company to the DLE Agency. Achilles is an integrated public relations firm, specializing in media management, brand development, and crisis communications.

Doug Eldridge

// Updates

It's hard to believe the Tokyo Summer Olympics have passed, the NFL is around the corner, and the summer is rapidly drawing to a close. In many ways, 2021 is passing even faster than 2020, which is saying a lot! This is the first time in 20 years that I have not been on at least one business trip by the end of August. It's crazy! There were many years that I lived on a plane, a train, or in the car driving to see, or sign, or soothe a client. Not this year.


In reality, this has been a 'gift of all gifts' as it has given me just a little bit more of life's most precious resource: time. More specifically, time with my son, Alexander.  // DE

Doug Eldridge

// Media

It's been a hectic, but happy year, from a media standpoint. We've been on the record--and on your TV screen--discussing a variety of national storylines, including: the Tokyo Summer Olympics; COVID messaging;DEI policy development; political crisis management; NIL legislation and litigation; eminent domain in Baltimore; the NFL's COVID vaccine policy; use of recreational drugs by athletes; mental health advocacy; NFL contract analysis...and the list goes on.


We've also begun archiving a selection of cable news segments, which we're posting to the Doug Eldridge YouTube Channel


CLICK HERE to watch!  // DE